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"Safetystew1 certainly fits Mr. Burkhammer.  Without his guidance, assistance, knowledge and expertise, we would have lost our case."
—Company President and CEO

"We won this case, in large part, due to Stew's reputation and respect among his safety peers."
—Corporate General Counsel

"When I think of construction safety I think of Stew Burkhammer."
—Insurance Company Senior Vice President

"Stew knowledge of OSHA and how to walk through the contestment process helped our company get all of our citations and penalties withdrawn."
—OSHA Attorney

"When you are looking for a very good construction safety expert give Stew Burkhammer a shot."
—Defense Attorney

"Stew did a great job under extreme pressure from opposing counsel on cross."
—Plaintiff's Attorney

Construction Workers

"Stew is the best construction safety expert we have found that has the background, experience and knowledge that is required in today's complex cases."
—Defense Counsel

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