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Litigation Support Serving Clients Nationwide

Burkhammer Consulting Services located in DeLand, Florida, and Kenna, West Virginia, serving clients Nationwide is your complete source for local and national litigation support and construction safety reviews. Contact us today for more information.

Construction Expert Witness Testimony

Independent and objective experts with extensive hands-on experience in the construction industry and with OSHA provide review and testimony as a part of litigation support.

Our Services Include

• Provide Expertise in Safety Culture Evaluation
• Provide Nationwide Attorney Support Services
• Provide Technical Support from Construction Safety Experts for Litigation
• Evaluate OSHA Compliance
• Determine the Applicability of OSHA Regulations
• Identify Responsibility for Multi-Employer Worksites & OSHA's Multi-Employer Policy
• Investigate & Evaluate Work-Related Accidents with or without Personal Injury
• Recommend Measures to Prevent Future Incidents or Accidents

Highway Construction

We also give guidance and recommendations for OSHA cooperative programs, including partnerships, alliances, OSHA VPP,  and OSHA Challenge for Construction.


"Stew has written one of the most comprehensive reports seen in this office on any case."
—Defense Attorney

"Stew has been an enormous help to me in walking through the ups and downs of this case."
—Plaintiff's Attorney

Litigation Support Services

Our specialty is expertise in all aspects of general construction safety involving very small, medium, and mega domestic and international construction contractors. Burkhammer Consulting Services provides litigation support and assistance as follows:

• OSHA Answers
• Pre-trial Consulting
• Accident Investigation
• Depositions
• Causal Analysis
• Technical Merit Evaluation
• Research
• Findings & Opinions
• Written Reports
• Exhibit Review

• Assistance with Case Development
• Trial Question Assistance
• Exhibit Review

Policy, Plan, & Program Review

Is this a safety plan? Just calling any written documents a safety plan does not mean that the documents meets the recognized industry standards. Mr. Burkhammer and his associates are skilled and knowledgeable in construction practices, safety management, safety equipment, emergency preparedness, OSHA Regulations and OSHA Compliance, and other related safety regulations. The team will utilize the best practices and standards used in the construction industry for any review.

Contact us today in Deland, Florida, to learn more about our services related to litigation support, safety reviews, and construction safety consulting.